Why Prefer Pinnacle Generators (our Advantages)?

Process Oriented Organization

Entire operations & activities at Pinnacle Generators is system driven rather dependant on adhoc practices. Right from responding to a customer inquiry to delivery of the Genset as well addressing any service related challenges, every step is organized, documented and monitored to ensure all the activities are in stream and also committed to maintain transparency between customers & us.

Wide Range of Gensets Portfolio

Understanding that every Customer is unique in their own way of operations, Pinnacle Generators empathizing with this situation have been supporting Customers to opt their choice of interest by helping them choose their desired option(s) with our gamut of portfolio of gensets (from 2 t0 2000 KVA). Pinnacle Generators is proud to claim this advantage of flexibility and hence are proving to be unique in the market.

Adapting Technology

Pinnacle Generators recognized the importance that Technology plays in expediting operational actions and helps manage activities in a controlled manner. Hence implemented “Sales & Service Performance Management” Solution that encompasses all the functions to guarantee promises made to customers are fulfilled on time. Technology also has been assisting us in deriving informed analytics to keep Pinnacle Generators always focused on sense of direction.

Reach Us

Regd Office:
Plot No.10/8, Block-A, 2nd Floor, CDC Towers, Road No.5, IDA Nacharam, Hyderabad-500076.
Email: info@pinnaclegenerators.com
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