Advantages of using Diesel Air-Cooled Generators

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The hospitality and tourism market business generally has a turnover of thousands of crores rupees per year.  This includes both the hotels and the resorts, which can generate quite a lot of revenue.  Many people stay in hotels for their vacation while visiting different new places, and many stay out of town for business purposes, making the entire hospitality market a vital economic force towards revenue generation for any country.

Due to COVID-19, it had become difficult for this sector to earn enough even to feed their family. No doubt, this sector had been hit really hard. But the situation finally came into control after a few months, and the government allowed to open hotels and tourist places, which you can say was a significant relief for people related to the hospitality sector.

So now that the hotels reopened, tourism paced up quickly; therefore, an uninterrupted supply of power has become of crucial importance in an industry where we can’t compromise with the guests’ demands.  It’s very essential for hotels, especially at tourist destinations, to have power backup to avoid any inconvenience that can be caused to their guests.

There are specific power and emergency requirements for hotels and buildings within a resort. To ensure a better experience for their customers, hotels need to purchase a more substantial commercial generator set that can handle the backup power needs for the entire hotel. The requirements from communication facilities to life safety systems, such as elevators, fire/security, and emergency lighting. But at the same time, they can avoid amenities which are not necessary, such as televisions, laundry, and vending machines.

Where should Hotels place Power Generators?

You cannot place the generators where they are too visible in the case of the hospitality sector as they can be a little bit unsightly. In addition to that, you have to keep in mind that you have to keep them protected or elevated so that they will not be affected by flooding.

It would be best if it’s possible to place it at the top of the roof of the hotel. But if a room is chosen for the placement, then it should have proper ventilation to avoid any fire or other hazards, but preferably it should be somewhere outside.

Having a backup power generator in the hospitality market can no doubt make life easier for customers, hotel owners, and staff working there.

This task can be accomplished with installed Pinnacle diesel power generators, Pinnacle Silent generators with sound attenuated enclosures or Pinnacle portable generator sets. Each style of the generator is available in various sizes and voltage capabilities. The portable generator is easily transportable to the building and can be set up quickly for localized power losses.

Pinnacle power generators are fulfilling the power backup needs of the Hospitality and Tourism sector for over 20+ years, efficiently and are open to help them again under these crucial times with proper safety measures.

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