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Why Choose Pinnacle Generators For Power Backup Needs?

Best Generator Manufacturers In Hyderabad

Founded in 2001, Pinnacle Generators is the leading Generator Company in Hyderabad. With experience of more than two decades, we have served more than 25,000 customers. It specialises in manufacturing, installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance, and servicing Diesel Generating sets. 

As the leading Generator Company in Hyderabad, we serve clients from Real Estate and Construction, Hospitals and Healthcare, Banking and Rentals, Government Bodies, Industrial, Fuel stations, Educational Institutions, and Hospitality and Tourism. 

Known as one of the best Generator manufacturers in Hyderabad, Pinnacle has a variety of products available as per your requirement. Ranging from silent generators to mobile generators to lighting towers and welding generators, we have it all covered for you. 

Why are Generators required?

We live in a world that is dependent on energy and technology. Irrespective of whether we are at home or work or on a side project, electricity is a must. Below are a few of the benefits of having generators:

Below are the reasons for Choosing Pinnacle Generators for power backup needs:

Pinnacle has a variety of Silent Generators. The top-rated products are Silent Generator 250kVA, Silent Generator 7.5kVA, Silent Generator 15 kVA, Silent Generator 20 kVA, Silent Generator 500  kVA, Silent Generator 10kVA and more.

If you are looking for cost-friendly, reliable and durable Generators, do check out our page: or feel free to contact us at +91 9246336622


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