Generator for Real Estate and Construction sites

In this modern world, electricity has become equally important as food, water and air for us. Even in these advanced technology times, we often face power outages, and it can become a significant issue where electric power is the primary source for production and is needed for a daily basis.

If a power outage occurs even for a few minutes, it can cause chaos and result in consequential financial catastrophes. A constant supply of power is essential and becomes a basic need where several appliances are dependent only on electricity to operate.

Over the years, generators have become easier to maintain, non-cacophonous, and environmentally friendly. They are even capable of instantaneously taking over power distribution responsibilities if there is a sudden power outage.

What does construction mean?

Construction can be seen as a process in which buildings or infrastructure are created.

Three sectors exist in construction:

  1. Industrial – It includes manufacturing plants, power generation plants, refineries, and chemical processing plants, etc.
  2. Buildings – It is broadly divided into residential and non-residential. Residential consists of a single home or entire sub-division. And non-residential buildings are considered as commercial buildings.
  3. Infrastructure – It includes water and wastewater, utilities, dams, bridges, and highways.

Why choose Diesel-powered generators?

Diesel-powered generators use engines that produce high torque, and thus, are suitable in the Real estate and construction sector. The demand for electricity in this industry is much higher than its supply; therefore, they have to depend on generators to bridge the gap.

Many times the amount of power required at the construction site is not available throughout the project. So in such cases, generators can be of great help in power generation. Moreover, using diesel-powered generators has its advantages, like they produce less noise and pollution.

What’s the need for generators at construction sites?

The demand for generators plays an essential role in the growth of the construction industry. As we all know, there are numerous activities associated with construction that requires electric power to run equipment and machinery.  Most often, the places where construction happens are remote areas, so it’s difficult for these industries to have a grid supply. Or sometimes, the grid available fails to provide a continuous power supply.

That’s when the power generation industry comes into play by providing generators to supply the much needed electric power.

There are a variety of construction activities that take place from small bridges, houses, commercial shops, and rural roads to large bridges, bungalows, big business establishments, including malls and national highways.

Industries like housing, road construction, railways and metro rail, building construction, oil and gas, shipping, etc. undertake the type of construction activities related to those industries.

Thus, generators are required to provide the necessary power for these construction activities. Each type of activity requires a specific amount of power, and there are all kinds of generators available at Pinnacle Generators to suit any requirement in the Real Estate & construction industry.


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