IoT Enabled DG Set


Today’s energy-intensive world calls out for continuous electricity requirements in commercial, industrial and household scenarios. The main supply, however, has anomalies at times like power outages, load shedding, etc. This leads to intermittent breaks in the electricity supply.

Diesel generator sets perform a smooth switch-over from the main supply for power on the go. Proper maintenance of a DG set is therefore essential to ensure its health and in turn a robust power supply in your premises. In addition to this, generators are located at different customer sites/locations which is challenging for the facility owners to monitor each asset.

IoT is a game-changer at this point. With an IoT enabled Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution, facility managers/ operations & maintenance team get 24×7 remote asset control which:

  • draws their attention in advance to maintenance needs,
  • optimizes site visits, 
  • monitors the running condition of DGs for billing, 
  • provides on-the-go switching access 
  • provides visibility on the DGs health parameters across locations.

The IoT enabled Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution caters to the below check categories which covers the overall health of a DG set:

  • Status of the generator (Energy monitoring) 
  • Engine running time
  • Oil pressure 
  • Fuel level (Diesel) monitoring 
  • Quality of grid power 

  • Furthermore, we have complied our DG Set’s with 9900/4520 Controllers

To summarize, the performance parameters of each generator can be individually tracked and analyzed using a single reporting system with the features listed below.

  1. Real-time monitoring :

    At Pinnacle, we identify the customer’s pain points and select the appropriate end-nodes (sensors) to monitor the parameters.
    Monitor the critical parameters of every DG (e.g. fuel/leak) in real-time and receive alerts via SMS/Email for immediate actions in case of deviation. This in turn Optimizes Equipment performance and Energy management We monitor the vital KPIs that you require from your remote generators to help manage your business’s efficiency and provide you with peace of mind.
    Certain real-time scenario examples are:
           Detect potential mechanical problems,
           Root cause analysis
           Fuel theft alerts.
           Fuel monitoring and pilferage control

  2. Remote management/ Automated Scheduling:

    Turn your DG sets on/off remotely from anywhere by eliminating manual handling and experience increased user convenience.

  3. Reporting Dashboards:

    Acquire data with real-time, interactive reports periodically(daily, weekly, or monthly) on daily fuel consumption rate, and easily identify a mismatch in energy produced and fuel consumed per requirement.

  4. Predictive Maintenance:

    This promotes business users to make decisions based on robust data rather than intuition in today’s data-based action world. These dashboards can be viewed on multiple viewing devices like desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Identify the load sharing, under and overutilization of your DG sets and ensure the health level of your DG sets for optimal performance. Timely predictive maintenance on pre-set triggers or alarm points can prevent an untimely shutdown of the machinery which can lead to production loss.

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