Pinnacle Generator Provides Critical Power in Emergencies

‘Prevention is better than cure’


The above phrase is an English saying by a Dutch philosopher. It simply means it’s a lot easier to stop something from happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.


Well, the same applies to the industries with critical power needs. Various industries require emergency support systems as power backups to avoid any catastrophic damage. And there are specific requirements to backup power supply vary based on the mission-critical facility. These requirements are fulfilled by Pinnacle Generators.


Hospitals, data centers, and critical power

One of the highest power availability requirements in the industry like healthcare and data centers, to ensure minimal to no interruption of service in critical areas.


Healthcare centers or any building that has systems for human life must have an emergency power system as it allows hospitals to operate during outages without endangering human life.

Power supplies in critical branches in hospitals can be referred to as providing power to the fixed equipment in critical care areas, isolated power systems for special environments, receptacles inpatient care, blood/bone/tissue banks, and other needed stations, communication facilities, etc.


Data centers as well as communication centers use a system that is very much similar to the hospitals. There is a risk to lose data in large amounts if the components are not properly shut down and any sudden power outage takes place.

Diesel-powered emergency generators, advanced control hardware, and software, UPS, ATS, etc. provide emergency power during a utility failure.


Critical power to Industries

Some industries have business models that allow only minimal backup power requirements. What they do is they shut down the industry whenever there is a power outage and resumes all the operations once the main power is restored. But it still needs generators as power backup though they only supply enough power to elevators, fire alarm, emergency lighting, and other safety systems. In such industries, emergency power is not used for operation but is still essential to safe personnel egress.


Various industries use generators for critical power including rail and mining. As we already know each drive wheel has an independently powered electric motor. Pinnacle diesel generators provide power to the drive wheel motors. Additionally, they power all-electric and electronic controls. To avoid any track blockages diesel generators are a must-have for the railway industry.


Residential critical power requirements

Technically, residential power does not come under the critical power category. But it may become critical if there is the electrical infrastructure that is being used for large areas that are prone to any extensive damage.


There are risks of the spoiling of food, water pipes freezing and bursting in cold weather if the household lacks an emergency power supply. So, if you have a power generator for your house then you can avoid any accidental power interruptions and emergencies.


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