Pinnacle Generators in the Healthcare Industry

Best Diesel Generators For Healthcare Industry

The power generators in hospitals or healthcare centers are as important as oxygen cylinders for the patients there. Since the hospitals are the life support system for the people, not just at the time of crisis but also for general healthcare needs.

If there is a power cut occurs, in order to sustain human life, vital power is required to keep the machines like life support and other healthcare tools working. This is when the Pinnacle power generator comes into the picture, to make sure that everything remains on and keep running.

The major issues hospitals face while power cuts are the following:

  1. The lives of seriously ill and injured peoples are at risk.  Also, the monitors, oxygen pumps, and other valuable equipment can also stop working.
  2. There can be a loss of communication between the needy people and the emergency services because most cordless phones are no longer working when the power cuts off.
  3. There can be huge data loss due to power cuts. Millions of numbers and documents can be lost forever if computer servers go out, even temporarily.

To avoid these issues the hospitals must have efficient generators as power backup.

The Pinnacle Diesel Generators offers complete units consisting of an engine, generator end, cooling, and exhaust systems. Each design of generators is available in various sizes. The typical designs that can be used in hospitals are:

Silent Generators – The generator skid is mounted to a framework with the fuel tank below and be enclosed in a sound-proof container. This contains layers of hard material that reflect the sound energy back inside the enclosure, and layers of soft, porous, and resilient materials that absorb that sound energy, which converts it into heat.

Mobile Generators – The complete units can easily be towed from one location to another within a healthcare complex. They can be used when the main generators are down for maintenance or need repairing


Since the power outages are often unexpected and unpredictable, therefore it is very important that hospitals have a generator backup. The safety of the patients who are indeed in immediate need of healthcare is of utmost importance and to guarantee that, we have Pinnacle Silent generators to take care of those in hospice with a little or no interruption at all.

The Pinnacle silent power generators are easy to install and also easy to maintain. Along with the equipment, they also offer “no-worry” services where they take care of the installation, maintenance, and repair of the silent generators. The silent generators are specially designed to be as much eco-friendly, adaptive, and cost-effective as possible.

Some special features of Pinnacle Silent Generators are as follows:

  1. Modular structure and easy installation.
  2. Requires less maintenance.
  3. Produces less noise.

There are many healthcare facilities that are either planning for or currently upgrading their backup power systems for safety and have chosen Pinnacle Power generators for a better and safe future.

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