Pinnacle Generator’s Services and Preventive Maintenance

It doesn’t matter how expensive the equipment is or how many functionalities it has, it’s gonna get rusted or worn out if it is not maintained properly. The same goes for Diesel Generators. In order to ensure that your generator keeps running for years, proper maintenance is a must. Pinnacle Generators has been offering its services for 20+ years now with a vision,

     ‘To support, create and envisage a world that “lives in bright” where there is only happiness & content’

The primary task involved in the maintenance of a generator is to inspect all the components and systems of the generator. Inspections involve checking fluid levels, testing and cleaning batteries, etc.

There is a list of services required to prevent the generator from any damages for years, which are mentioned below.

  1. Fuel System: Diesel is subject to contamination and corrosion within one year, and therefore a regular generator set exercise is advised to use up stored fuel before it degrades.
  2. Cooling System: The coolant level must be checked from time to time during shutdown periods. A balanced coolant consists of a mixture of water, antifreeze, and coolant additives, which are essential for diesel generators to work properly.
  3. General Routine Inspection: Close monitoring is required to avoid any leaks that can cause hazardous occurrences to the engine, exhaust system, fuel system, and diesel generator.
  4. Testing of Batteries: Both testing and cleaning of the batteries should be taken care of. Cleaning of batteries can be done using a damp cloth if there is any excessive dust. And if there is corrosion present around the terminals, it can be washed off using a solution of baking soda and water (¼ lb baking soda to 1 quart of water).
  5. Lubrication Services: The engine oil must be checked at regular intervals using a dipstick while shutting down the generator. It is also necessary to change the oil and filter at regular time intervals.
  6. Exhaust system Inspection: There can be leakages along the exhaust lines which usually occur at the connection points, the welds, and the gaskets.

Just to save a few extra bucks people tend to avoid taking a maintenance plan whenever they buy a generator. But you need to understand that you’re saving your money over time even if you have to invest a little extra on the maintenance plan of the generator.

Why is proper maintenance so crucial?

Without proper maintenance, all heavy machines including generators will experience problems and failures which can lead to extremely costly repairs or even, in the worst cases, complete premature worn-outs. So, if the maintenance is not done timely then it would leave you without power when you would need it the most.

Proper maintenance is required to keep your generators ready to provide emergency backup for your facilities to avoid financial losses and safety hazards, whenever a power outage occurs. With years of experience, Pinnacle Generators provide a maintenance service that ensures that your generators are maintained at the highest level possible with proper functionality.

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