Silent Generators 250 kVA

Power (kVA) : 250KVA
Genset Brand: PINNACLE
Model Number: 6M12
Engine Make: BAUDOUIN
Fuel Consumption (at 100% Load): 56.89

For over 100 years, Societe des Moteurs Baudouin has been manfacturing the highest quality engines for marine, power generation and a host of other applications.the continuous need to provide reliable and durable engines for land based power generation, and the high seas have led to BAUDOUIN being the preferred partner by customers, successfully serving this market since 1918. Our esteemed clientele includes the navy and coastguard worldwide for powering vessels as well as for marine generating set applications.The BAUDOUIN range of G drive engines extend from 85kwm to 2Mwm and are manfactured assembled distributed and serviced by SHIG INDIA based at Pune Maharashtra.

Engine features :- Cast iron cylinder block with rugged body construction designed to minimize vibrations Hardened steel forged crankshaft with induction hardening cast iron cylinder liners wet type and replaceable valve guides and seats seperate cast iron cylinderheads equipped with 4 valves for ease of maintenance lube oil cooled alloy pistons with high performance piston rings full flow duplex type oil filters along with electric pump to pre -lubricate engine and reduce friction and better start ability fuel system with inline injection pump and electronic governing three level fliter with integrated electric fuel pump and water seperation fliter air intake and exhaust manifold, turbocharger provided with shield to isolate heat.