Silent Generators 380 kVA

kVA/KW 380/304
Phase 3
Amps 528.6
Engine Model 12V14TAG23
BHP 604

Pinnacle Power Generators is one among the leading organizations which offers silent generators of quality range. It has been serving a wide range of demands for a decade now. The wide range of services covers industrial as well as commercial sectors like telecom, apartments, commercial complexes and so on. To fulfill these services the company only uses high grade raw material which are 100% reliable and this makes the products long lasting and efficient. . Our range of silent generators is powered with TAFE Motors And Tractors limited and Baudouin engines depending on the application level.

These silent generators are easy to install and easy-maintenance. Along with the equipment we also offer “no-worry” services where we take care of the installation,maintenance and repair of the silent generators. Our silent generators are designed to be as much Eco friendly,adaptive and cost effective as possible. This makes our silent generators very much appreciated and in demand in the Indian markets.


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