Role of Diesel Generators in Schools and Institutions

When you see or read about the use of generators in hospitals, factories, banks, etc. it seems so obvious as they have big machinery to run and could be dangerous for healthcare centers, primarily if a power cut occurs suddenly. But there are many other sectors as well which rely on Generators for avoiding any disturbances in their daily operations, one of them is the schools and institutions of the country.

Be it an elementary school or secondary school or any national-level institution, all have fire alarms, phone systems, computer systems, and emergency lighting, which should be protected by a backup generator in case of a power outage.

If a school or institution has a big enough standby generator, fueled by diesel, then even the elevators, ventilation, security, heating, and cooling systems can work smoothly. These capabilities allow a school or an institution to continue functioning without any disturbance until standard power is restored.

Issues that can be caused because of power outages:

  1. Disruption in class and schedules – It’s essential to stick to the classroom schedules and to avoid unplanned days off, so course material gets covered without any distraction.
  2. Computer and network infrastructures – Equipment or computer system damage or failure may occur because of a sudden electricity outage.
  3. Safety concerns –  Safety of the staff and the students require emergency power during power outages as it can be injurious to their health. Also, the constant power supply is a must for campuses with hospitals and facilities that conduct medical research.
  4. Data loss – Due to accidental power shutdown, a considerable amount of sensitive data can be lost as when the power shuts down, the UPS takes the load, but for that, it needs to be charged, and sometimes it may not work due to some functional issues.
  5. Communication loss – Phone systems may stop working because of sudden power loss, and this can disrupt the communication system in case of emergencies.

Power loss could also result in loss of sufficient heating or air conditioning, which creates unsafe temperatures and environments for both the students and the faculty. That’s why selecting a generator that will provide adequate power to keep the schools and institutions running in an emergency is extremely important.

By the way, do you remember a scene from a very famous Bollywood movie where three engineers had to do a delivery of a baby on their college campus, and the light went out?

Yeah, you guessed it right, it’s ‘3 Idiots’.

That day Rancho’s ‘VIRUS’ invertor saved them. Still, I wonder, the situation would have been better and a bit easier if they had a Pinnacle diesel-powered generator in their college, no?

Anyway, apart from this, I firmly believe that institutions must have backup power generators to avoid any safety risks to students and staff working there. The Pinnacle Generators are working continuously and helping thousands of industries in their growth, for 20+ years.

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