Life at Pinnacle

Life at Pinnacle

Pinnacle HR policies and practices are focused on employee well-being and an endeavour to creating a congenial work environment. We promote diversity and equality at workplace and believe in providing an equal work environment to every employee irrespective of race, religion, gender, etc. We endeavour to foster a culture of openness and camaraderie that reinforces transparency and ownership. Our HR practices encourage the adoption and implementation of international best practices for overall betterment of employees. Fostering a sense of pride amongst our employees about their association with Pinnacle is the prime driving force behind all activities undertaken by us.

Performance & Merit Driven Culture

We believe in continuous and gradual improvement in performance as well as meeting objectives. Therefore we have in place a score card based performance management system to recognize and reward performance of employees. The motive of this initiative is also share feedback to the employees, suggest PDP, MDP, LDP and respective program accordingly.

Talent Development

Pinnacle remains committed towards capability building of its employees as it is essential to achieve organizational goal. Every employee has to imperatively attend at least 6 Hours of training a year, and the same has been linked with the employee’s KRA. We believe in nurturing talent across levels and training modules are devised in alignment with the strategic goals of a particular function.

Leadership training programmes are organized for high potential employees with right set of behavioural skills for future leadership roles. In house trainings on managerial skills, problem solving, decision making, interpersonal skills & other relevant competencies are regularly organized

Our Young Engineer Program is a unique program to transform engineering graduates into highly competent engineers. This program is designed to give Industrial exposure to our Young Engineers to enhance their learning and get them ready to be an asset for our Organization.

Empowered Workforce

We also believe that an empowered workforce is the best way to receive feedback and identify improvement areas. Through mailers, posters and other modes of communication, we encourage employees to highlight concerns, grievances and policy/integrity breaches.

Various process and committees such as Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committees are in place which provide all employees, vendors, suppliers and customers a secure and 24×7 access to raise grievances.

Employee Wellness Initiatives

We have corporate insurance plans which not only covers the individual employee but also has options for including dependents and family members. Our office building is a LEED certified Green Building with spacious and comfortable seating arrangements. We regularly conduct workshops to spread awareness on office ergonomics helping staff to adopt a healthy seating posture in order to avoid neck and back pain.

The main aim behind undertaking wellness initiatives is to ensure that our employees are able to balance work and family commitments, manage stress and have a healthy lifestyle. Improvement in physical and mental wellbeing results is enhanced performance & productivity, while boosting employee morale at the same time. This helps to make Pinnacle a great place to work for.

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